You’ve probably heard, or used the phrase, ‘It’s not what you said… it’s HOW you said it that bothers me.’  Imagine having an agreement that allowed you to call out your partner ANY time that you felt that that tone or that look on the face of your partner, felt rejecting, condescending or filled with […]

The most important agreement for saving relationships from high conflict incidents.  Sometimes you can’t take back what you said or did in the midst of a high conflict, high adrenaline incident.  The Time Out is a mutually agreed upon way that either partner can exit a room for up to an hour.  I was interviewed […]

This is Marc being interviewed by Beth Lapides about the basics of my couples course called Communicate With Power And Compassion.  It’s 33 minutes long and it describes many of the agreements and skills in the course. Subscribe to my Communicate With Power & Compassion podcast HERE .

I was interviewed in 2008 by Beth Lapides, comedienne goddess and female raconteur, about my workshop and book on Real Hope For Couples.  This 5 minutes is a quick description of the Listening Exchange.  The Listening exchange is a way people can bring structure to their difficult discussions.  It’s not supposed to be used all […]