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‘Power & Compassion Couples Communication’

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What is it worth to get a ‘remote control’ that absolutely stops someone, including you, from continuing to argue or talk.  Whether at work or home some people just don’t have the power to stop talking.  Is there a price for getting others to understand that your thoughts and feelings make sense?  There’s a way to find the period with the way you express yourself.  There’s a way to find the period with the way you respond to others.  And, there’s a way to find the period when either, or both, partners are ‘out of control!’  

I wonder if you realize what you have done by putting together your Workbook. You have totally changed my personality and life basically “overnight”. The personality that I have been hating and struggling with (and everybody around me) since I could remember. – J.G.

‘Real Power In Relationships’

How to respond to people who are upset.
Fun, Entertaining Day Of Learning Skills

Fun, Entertaining Day Of Learning Skills

You will come away from this seminar knowing  HOW TO PUT A PERIOD to those conflicts that used to go on and on, with increasing distance or tension and still no resolution.  You will know how to identify when an argument has ‘Real Hope’ to find a resolution, and when it is ‘Toxic Hope’ to believe that anything good will come from continuing to engage.  Learn how to make a clean ending of a talk that’s just escalating.

Transformations occur in these relationship seminars!  People begin to take more responsibility for their part in problems, begin to show more empathy and compassion AND begin to make measurable changes in their behavior.  Changes in thinking, feeling and behavior that would never have been predicted as possible begin to occur in this marriage seminar.

Men tend to like the rules & tools & ways to stop a conflict; and women just seem to enjoy that there is a path to more listening and talking.

After taking your course we learned and practice many of the techniques and principles you taught in the marriage seminar we attended last year. It not only saved our relationship but has improved our individual lives.- Bill & Lori

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It’s For Couples, But Singles Can Learn How To Handle Conflicts Better Too!

Marc's PREP Relationship Skills Seminar Was Featured In Time Magazine 15 Years Ago.

I am so confident about how this will change your life!

I am so confident about how this will change your life, I’ll refund your money back.

Skills and agreements that are learned and practiced in the series of three seminars:

  • Cease defensive, blaming, and withdrawal behaviors.
  • A stunningly effective & simple 6-second response to someone who is angry with you.
  • Express the thoughts and feelings underneath harsh and critical ones.
  • Stop an escalating argument in 6 seconds, by mutual agreement.
  • Listening without interruption. And, speaking expressively without blaming.
  • Be responsible for what you say or do & acknowledge that it affects your partner.
  • Ask directly for understanding of your experience and to make specific requests.
  • Leave the room for less than an hour, when arguing rises with too much emotional intensity. And, know exactly what to say, as your first words, when you return.

Works With Relationships, Marriage,
& Colleagues To
Learn To Handle Conflict With Confidence!

See & hear email and video testimonials

Testimonials Of Couples Who Took The Workshop, Or Read The Manual.

Testimonials Of Couples Who Took The Workshop, Or Read The Manual.

Marc was written about in Time Magazine as a trained PREP Program presenter.   In 2001 Time Magazine sent one of their writers to attend one of my Los Angeles relationship seminar communication skills workshops.  The workshop is unique because it focuses on skills, tools and agreements and is so purely educational.

Fun, Entertaining Day Of Learning Skills

Fun, Entertaining Day Of Learning Skills

My fun, easy and educational couples communication skills seminar prevents destructive conflict. The relationship workshop is a slimmed down conflict resolution class for both partners.   It helps prevent you from saying those things that you have to apologize for.  And, it will give each of you the power to get the other to ‘zip their lip’  & listen or stay away for up to an hour.  

 The seminar usually helps men understand how it pays to listen and respond to their partner more fully.   But, once a man feels threatened it triggers an adrenaline surge.   He is now singly focused on defending himself, sometimes by attacking his partner physically, emotionally or verbally.     While defending himself with explanations or reasons or excuses, he becomes self centered and cannot attend to the thoughts and feelings of his partner.  This works exactly the same way for women also.  It’s just that men are generally more disrupted by relationship conflict.

Much of the marriage communication seminar is based on the PREP methods of skill training for couples used in many military bases, churches and other organizations.   I also use principles of Dr. John Gottman, Harville Hendrix, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob.  We use an ‘Easy Does It’ approach to keep it simple.  It is research based, simple to learn and has proven results.   Hard to do for some people, but simple in that what is expected is very clear and well defined.   Video simulations help couples learn quickly & safely in a classroom like environment.

Men like the ‘rules & tools’ style and that there is a guaranteed way of stopping an argument.

Men learn quickly that the 10 seconds it takes to use some of these relationship communication skills results in ‘putting a period’ on the conflict.  Most men like the idea of having clearly defined guidelines, methods and techniques that are easy to understand and execute.  My Five Agreements and Two Skills is just the right style of educational marriage seminar for men to quickly aquire some basic relationship knowledge that most women learn early in life.


Women just love that, after the seminar,
there is more listening and talking!

I teach people
How to express difficult feelings, how to respond to your partner’s
hurt/angry feelings & HOW to stop arguing before it’s too late.

Most couples with high conflict do not have sadistic, evil partners plotting, each morning, how to harm their lover.  Despite how it feels sometimes.   People say and do harsh or disrespective things to each other often because they  just do not know what else to say or do.

Practice The Skills With Realistic & Funny Video Clips

Attendees learn  exactly what they can say or do in those frustrating moments.   You’ll learn what to do and say when you return from a Time Out.  And, I’ll give your the backup plan for what to do if that does not work.  The Time Out is covered in Power & Compassion I seminar.

Would you go to your medical doctor because you had a sniffle? Probably not.  It surely can be expensive, but more importantly there may be a very good chance you can heal the problems yourself.  You’d probably get some over the counter medicine to see if that was enough to find relief.  When couples or colleagues argue and fight, why go to a psychiatrist, psychologist, Employee Assistance Program or marriage counselor, when you might be able to find relief by attending my fun Los Angeles marriage seminar?  Marriage communication skills have never been so fun and with an ‘Easy Does It’ style!


Testimonials of couples who took the seminar.


My relationship communication skills seminar costs about as much as a few sessions with a licensed marriage therapist.  The only difference is that if my marriage workshop works well, you are done paying money to professionals!!

  • It’s An Affordable Path Without Paying Professionals.
  • It’s Convenient
  • And, It’s Really FUN!
  • Or by following the 10 week Home Study Course learning the simple skills and agreements that prevent verbal disrespect and circular escalating arguments that seem to never end.  The seminar or Home Study Course for Couples is like the over the counter first level of finding relief.   In fact, the course helps you determine if you really need professional help!

Learn how to FIND THE PERIOD to your conflicts.  My marriage communication skills gives you very simple directions, methods & techniques to find the period’ to your argument.


The skills and agreements are simple.  If a partner cannot follow these basic guidelines… and, won’t seek further help… then, you have your answer to the question, “Is this toxic hope or real hope for me to think that the future can be different.  Toxic Hope is when there is NO EVIDENCE of change, or NO STATEMENT OF WILLINGNESS to change.  Real Hope is when there is a statement of desire to change AND there is a demonstration through evidence of behavior changes that things are looking different.  Even if your partner does not state a desire for change; this seminar can be attended by singles.

If you have become good at using the skills you learn in the marriage communication seminar, and the relationship has not changed, then it could be ‘Toxic Hope’ to think that it will change.

Marc Sadoff, MSW, BCD

Marc has trained:

  • over 100 Marriage Workshops & Relationship Seminars in Los Angeles
  • FBI agents in Listening Skills
  • Catholic Church Retrovaille divorce prevention leaders
  • Men who were court ordered for domestic violence classes for 28 years.
  • Hospitals, businesses & universities.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) in Los Angeles
  • And, he’s been written about in:
  • Time Magazine
  • Women’s World Magazine
  • Shine Magazine in the U.K.
  • Nurses Week Magazine
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine
Neuro-Biological Approach To Couples Conflict

Neuro-Biological Approach To Couples Conflict

Most conflict is not because of evil abusers wanting to hurt their partner.
Conflict is seen as a result of defensiveness, vulnerability and ADRENALINE.

That’s a brain in my hand in the picture to the left.   When the framing of behavior that is disrespectful, even abusive, includes biological natural processes that are simply out of control; then there is less shame and guilt.  People with disrespectful behaviors rarely make lasting changes because of guilt, shame or fear.   There are many strategies to manage body sensations, thoughts and feelings that are taught in the Communicate With Power & Compassion Course.

Some couples would prefer to have a more private setting for their workshop experience. Marc offers private sessions with couples that covers the same content as the seminar.
For more information about that go HERE.