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This is an immediately downloadable Easy Does It Home Study ‘Communicate With Power & Compassion’  Course that will have you making agreements and learning skills tonight!   The .pdf of Marc’s manual used in his couples workshops contains all the exercises, methods and agreements used in the seminar and MORE.  The 72 minute podcast can be listened to in your iTunes or other mp3 player.

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– The most powerful 3-step technique for responding to someone who is upset with you.
– Expressing anger in the most constructive way.
– How to keep arguments from getting out of control.
– How to find mutual understanding rather than agreement.
– That change is possible! And that change can ‘begin with me.’

Imagine breathing that exhale of RELIEF that comes with the first time that you and your partner use the agreements to go down a different path. Instead of escalating arguing, one of you says one sentence, and both of you stop fighting on a dime, and go into some structured dialogue later that helps you understand each other better!

No more blaming, or contempt.  Stop arguments on a dime!  Clear guidelines for conflict resolution and anger management.
Simple, direct and clear guidelines, tools, methods and structure that couples can agree on before arguing gets out of control.

And, instruction about exactly what to do, and specifically what to say, after a fight.
You don’t go to the doctor every time you have a sniffle. If you can’t get relief over a few days with over the counter remedies, then you go the medical doctor.
Think of the seminar and Home Study Course as your ‘over the counter’ help for your relationship problems. Often, simply using better communication skills eliminates painful arguing.
Understand what your partner needs to hear before he or she can forgive you.A Saturday and Sunday that will change your relationship!

Download DownloadProductCloudthese two files now by clicking on the image or going to the RealHope Shopping Cart  BuyNow


DartboardTargTargeted skills training.
For less than cost of a dinner out, you can transform your marriage and relationships.

This book, course and seminar can change your relationship. It can also be the sign that it’s time for professional help. If someone cannot fulfill the agreements made in this Home Study Course, then one of two things become clear. Either, the person is-
1) truly out of their own control; or
2) the person does not want to control the behavior.

  • Bring some structure to your disagreements. When both parties of a couple agree on the same guidelines, then chaos and unnecessary conflict is prevented.
  • No more blaming. The exercise on pages 24-25 often have couples tearfully admitting out loud what they know they do that hurts the other.
  • It’s not just great information!  The workbook is full of exercises you do with your partner.
  • In the workshop couples receive two workbooks, because each partner fills out many pages of exercises and self test inventories.
  • What sets our manual apart from other relationship conflict books is that half of the manual is devoted to exercises which educate, illustrate, model and transform the way conflict is perceived.
  • Get started right now with improving your relationship.

satisfaction5Full Money Back Guarantee!   We are so confident that if you practice the skills and make the agreements with your partner that you will experience a shift for the better in your relationship.   If you don’t find the douse of value to you we will give you your money back.



Handling Conflict With Confidence  Couples Communication Skills eBook Manual + Podcast

Get BOTH the 72 minute Podcast summary of the 5 agreements and the 2 skills learned in the weekend workshop; AND the eBook for just $24.95. Take another look at the testimonials page to see if there is reason enough to think about investing about a sixth of a session with a professional counsellor in these materials which may transform your marriage or relationship. Click HERE to get these materials now.

Before spending up to $180 an hour with a marriage therapist, try using this 10 Week Home Study Course privately. Many couples with communication problems and verbal conflicts can change with simply following the 5 agreements and the two skills that they learn from the course. The two skills are ‘How to respond to someone who is angry with you.’ and ‘How to express yourself most constructively when you are upset.’

Several illnesses make it difficult, if not impossible, to consistently control one’s behavior.  
Here is a list of illnesses and the percentage of people in the population that have that illness.

Neuro-Biological Approach To Anger Management

Neuro-Biological Approach To
Anger Management

Depression- Ranging from 3%-5%.

  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder- Ranging from 3% to 14%
  • Anxiety Disorders- Ranging from 2% to 5%.
  • Personality Disorders ie. Narcisism, Borderline, Dependent
  • Poorly developed social and emotional intelligence. ?%
  • Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depressive) 2%
  • Alcoholism/Drug Dependence 12%
  • Other Addictions ie. Sex, Gambling,

Adrenaline and biology drives defensive and aggressive and withdrawing types of patterns that contribute to high couples conflict.


How much progress can I expect from the Course?

About half the couples who take the course seem to be able to make changes and to show improvement and growth in the relationship.   There are many reasons that make it hard for someone to make progress.   I think it&apo;s fair to say the progress can be measured by changes in each partner’s ability to better control what they do and what they say.   So progress is about control of one’s own behavior.

Some people may not understand the concept of two separate individuals in a room, each with a different experience of the conflict.    When someone does not have good emotional intelligence one may only think solely in terms of black and white or right and wrong.   Many of these types have trouble with personal boundaries.   So, their view of conflict in a couple is very limited.  There is a right person and a wrong person.   There is a perpetrator and a victim.  There is only one winner and thus always one loser.

The Course Shows EXACTLY What To Do And Say To Express
And To Care For Yourself … And The Relationship.


  • Commitments & Values – What’s more important…Pride or hurting your partner?
  • Agreement To Spend Weekly Time Together To Talk.
  • Listening Exchange- It’s about taking turns!
  • Safety then Understanding the Other then Expressing My P.O.V.
  • Obstacles to Listening…What I Can Improve On?
  • Stop Destructive Arguing Using Time Outs.
  • Handling Contempt, Rejection & Hostility-
    It’s not ‘what you said’ it’s the ‘way you said it.’
  • Respect Agreement- “I do not want to see myself making you feel badly.”
  • What I’ll Do If I Cannot Reasonably Keep My Agreements
  • Listening to the Anger of Others – First Pants then Shoes
  • Expressing Anger- Is This About Me…Or Is This About You?
  • Practice Vignette Examples – To Practice Your Skills
  • Personal Inventory – Childhood Influences on Current Conflicts.
  • Self Tests- Medical/Psychological Issues that Affect Conflict.
  • Physical, Psychological and Emotional Violence.
  • Should I Stay…or Should I Leave the Relationship?
  • Recommended Readings.


toolbelt3-2The eBook Manual Is Chock Full O’Tools

It’s like having a complete toolbelt. A toolbelt of skills and agreements that you’ll have practiced and seen how great they work to bring calm and peace to conversations that used to be very volatile and confusing.

You insure your health…your car…and your life… Now insure that your relationship grows into a lifetime of caring, respect and love!
This is great ‘Relationship Insurance”

If Only Men Would Listen Better ,
Then Women Would Not Go Nuclear.
Or Is It-
If Only Women Would Not Go Nuclear,
Then Men Would Listen Better?

So which comes first? Ask yourself which
one YOU  have some control over.

Grant me the Serenity to accept the people in my life I cannot change,

the Courage to change the one I can;

And, the Wisdom to know THATS ME!


Men have the keys of the kingdom in their hands, but they cannot see it.   I significantly improved my relationships in these two ways:  I stopped defending myself immediately when my partner was mad at me.  I worked to rearrange my values so that my behavior and words reflected that I cared about how she experienced the problem.   I learned that the most believable way to show her that I cared about her was to stop defending myself as a first response to her expressions of feelings.  If my first words are defensive then I have blown it.